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Ruby May

Ruby May

Her Workshop:

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Ruby May is a British, Berlin-based sexpansionist who fuses conscious kink, coaching, bodywork & somatic sex education to create workshops and individual sessions. She is co-creator of the Sacred Kink Academy, which offers workshops exploring the potential in kink for personal growth and transformation.




Intimacy of Pain

This workshop explores the potential in pain to help us surrender deeply into the present moment. It is here we can experience ourselves beyond the ego and constructed self, where gateways may open into altered states of awareness and a deeply intimate sharing of energy between giver and receiver can be created.

As a giver, how do I connect to my receiver to create a foundation of safety and security? How can I read my receiver to identify, play with and expand their boundaries in order to lead them into ecstatic states? What are the different ways as a receiver I can communicate to my giver in order to maximise our experience? And how do I use pain as a tool to move energy around my body?

Join Conscious Kink practitioner Ruby May for this experiential, hands-on workshop, suitable for all skill and experience levels.