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This placeholder represents all presenters who were compelled because of social constraints to anonymize their formerly announced identity.

As long as our society does not accept forms of consensual sexuality between adult human (and by that we mean well in the family, among friends and colleagues, as well as at work or job search, etc.) this drastic step for the protection of oneself is sometimes unfortunately necessary.





This workshop will return to a research project I began twenty years ago and then abandoned. Nothing much remained: some notes, an email address, journal entries, a few memories. Some embaressment and a great deal of uncertainty. 

In this workshop, I will talk a little about what happened and did not happen. I invite you to listen and perhaps to renew this non-research with me. We will I hope make space for space and time for time. As Mallarmé writes in Un coup de dès: "Nothing will have taken place except the place." 

Suggested Reading: Stéphane Mallarmé Un coup de dès (A Throw of the Dice)