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Silja Rehfeldt

Silja Rehfeld

Her Workshop:

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Silja found her passion and artform of living in being a midwife, dakini, tantric domina and warrior of bliss.

She also is certified in homöopathic and traditional chinese medicine, family constellation, breathwork and tantra massage.

She is guiding and supporting woman, and couples thruw concious conception, concious pregnancy and concious, ecstatic birth.

"birth into being imprinted as devine bliss"!

She also found excess, possibilities and fullfilling in her work with life source energy to....

    • awaken the sacred sexual body
    • limbic imprint recoding
    • to relief traumas, patterns and tensions through external and internal ( specialty - cervix and anus) dearmoring
    • transmission
    • tantric inititation


"When sexual energy is free and channeled conciously, there is no limit to our capacity for love snd transcendence"!

She offers:
Sessions • Education • Workshops
for woman, man, couples and groups




Sundown Massagesilja-ws

A relaxed way to finish the xplore on Friday evening, a place to massage the imprints and insights of the day on your  “heart plate”.



IMPORTANT: Please bring 1-2 large towels or some other underlayment with you! (Massage oil will be useful but is not required)