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Laudana has predominantly been a producer of documentaries for film and TV. Sexuality has fascinated her from her youth; above all its more hidden aspects. Boundaries are what she finds especially thrilling; either in their exploration, or even overstepping them. It is the most elemental expression of humanity, that ultimately allows no compromise. How far do people go, what does their sexuality bring them to do – with themselves, with others? Control, submission, pain, lust – libido as instinct of life. She loves playing with the elemental, the immediate, with distance and proximity.




The Lessonlaudana-ws

For a defined period of time, a school class is like a family. Its members play different roles – various dynamics evolve. The head of class is, of course, the teacher. She rules, communicates, motivates, gives rewards and both metes out and delegates punishment…

For years, “school play” has been my favourite form of role play. There are so many elements that can be combined. And my play instinct can go wild. My “lessons” are typically rather kinky, my methods are strict, sometimes unfair and often quite a “double bind”…

If there is a greater number of participants, I will appoint “assistant teachers” and “prefects” to help me out. These helpers are both bound by my instructions as well as equipped with a certain (limited?) authority. Experience has shown that a group of 5 students is a good number to handle for an authority figure.

Who can join in? Everyone: try-outers, beginners, playful natures, subs, bottoms, tops, masters, mistresses, switchers…no accessories or preparation is needed. the only requirement is a well-developed sense of playfulness. A sprinkling of humour wouldn't do any harm, either…

Please bring an exercise book or writing pad and a pen(cil).