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Iro Leli


Her Workshop:

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Iro Leli was born in Athens in 1980.

She is a dancer as well as a practitioner of alternative medicine.
She teaches contemporary dance and improvisation.
In 2009 she established 'Carnation' Dance Company.
She has been a Rejuvance and Shiatsu practitioner since 2010.
She is also working on her own method of teaching Anatomy to dancers.




Pressure for Pleasureiro-WS

Pressure for Pleasure focuses on Shiatsu manual techniques, acupoints and Ampuku, a form of abdominal massage developed in Japan from Chinese sources.

Shiatsu manual techniques soften and prepare the body to accept point pressure . The acupoints introduced are those around the abdominal and the genital area and they are used to increase libido and treat genital disorders. Some other points around the whole body have a strong pain relieving effect. With Ampuku energy is gathered in the centre of the body, abdominal organs soften and tension on the lower back is relieved.

These techniques could well be applied to BDSM practices, they free up energy and they calm body and mind. They are even effective for the practitioner since concentration is required through the opening of the hara (center of the body) and the projection of chi.