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This placeholder represents all presenters who were compelled because of social constraints to anonymize their formerly announced identity.

As long as our society does not accept forms of consensual sexuality between adult human (and by that we mean well in the family, among friends and colleagues, as well as at work or job search, etc.) this drastic step for the protection of oneself is sometimes unfortunately necessary.






The myth remains alive, even in 2012. In a German TV talk show, “Menschen bei Maischberger”…

Alice Schwarzer, old-school feminist, dominated the discussion as she argued for the eradication of prostitution. She claims that the end of prostitution is also the end of the oppression of women. Ms. Schwartzer felt herself especially allied with the deeply wounded Ms. B. who believed her marriage to be soiled because her husband could so easily go into the next whorehouse…and did!

I sincerely doubt that prostitution is responsible for the collapse of so many marriages in Germany. I propose to examine this theory from an entirely new perspective.

Sex for money is the purest form of prostitution. Naturally we all immediately have a mental image, an opinion but mostly a blossoming fantasy. But what does it really mean to prostitute one’s self? Prostitution is essentially nothing more than doing something that we would not normally do, to accomplish something or receive a benefit.

Have you ever done this? Perhaps even in your partnership? Or perhaps somewhere else? And how did it feel?

In my workshop, I want to give a space to the structure known as prostitution. So lets play Bordello! There will be a Madam in this whorehouse and regardless of gender, sexual orientation or status, you can choose to be a whore or a john. Money will be provided! It’s recommended that you organize a favorite outfit to fit your role.